CheapTricks: Signing On In Cleveland

Ellen C. Wells

Lemons to Lemonade

Here’s how you turn lemons into lemonade the best you can. In early to mid June, the road just beyond Bremec Garden Center in Chesterland, Ohio, washed away, closing the road and completely cutting off direct access to customers coming from the north. How did Bremec counter this road closure? They held a Construction Sale, playing up on the yellows and oranges of traffic cones. Cones and warning tape were displayed all over the garden center. Discounts were given on certain items and were clearly tagged with the can’t-miss construction and warning tape colors.

Petitti Says It With Signage

We all know that signage is your “silent salesperson.” What are your silent salespeople saying? Making sure you get the message across clearly is key.

Petitti Garden Center’s Bainbridge location posted signage that spoke loudly and clearly:

How Much? The No. 1 question you ask customers just may be “How much sun or shade do you have?” These signs help your customers begin to understand the concepts of sun and shade being important in plant selection.

Got Propane? Sure, the pig on the grill is fun. But the important message here is written on the sign: “We Sell Propane!”

Unbloomed: Flowering trees are incredibly popular, but when they aren’t flowering how are customers to know about the blooms? A simple sleeve that says “Flowering” helps clue them in.

Making Space
Lowe’s Greenhouse, Florist & Gift Shop a few miles down the street from Bremec was also holding a Construction Sale of its own. In this case, however, the sale was being held to clear space for Lowe’s own pending construction. Need to make room and clear out some stuff? Have a sale to clear the space! GP