Personality Plus in the Shade

Christina Salwitz

This container design not only features a very distinctive container, but a distinctive plant combo as well. High contrast and monochromatic design converge in this partial-shade container brings hummingbirds up close, too.

The Plants
A young Forever Goldy Cypress and large fern anchor the back half, while the hostas give the center some bold fill. Daring annuals like the bold chartreuse foliage of Persian Queen Geranium show off blooms that give a nice color echo to the New Guinea impatiens, while a very detailed and colorful Coleus Fishnet Stockings competes with the metallic purple leaves of Persian Shield for attention. Not to be outdone, a hardy Fuchsia Variegata drapes over the front edge, with creamy variegated foliage and cherry-pink flowers that keep the hummingbird coming back again and again. GP

With more than 20 years of horticulture experience, Christina Salwitz is an author, garden writer, horticultural guidance counselor, cheerleader and landscape design hand-holder. She is The Garden Coach and can be reached at personalgardencoach@comcast.net.