Green Roof Installs on the Rise

Jennifer Polanz
The green roof industry grew an estimated 10.3% last year over 2015, according to annual survey results from Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, an association for the North American green roof and wall industry. Also, for the first time, GRHC corporate members reported that Toronto, Ontario, had the most square footage of green roof installed in 2016. Following behind are Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Seattle. All told, corporate members recorded 889 projects in 40 states and six Canadian provinces, installing more than 4 million sq. ft. of green roofing.

“It’s no small feat that Toronto has been recognized as the leading city for green roof installation in North America,” says Jennifer Keesmaat, chief planner for the City of Toronto, in a statement released by the GRHC. “Our Green Roof Bylaw, in effect since 2010, has resulted in a new roof-scape for Toronto, cooling the city, helping to mitigate water runoff, while also adding beauty and biodiversity.”

To read the executive summary of the 2016 Annual Green Roof Industry Survey, visit and click on “Resources,” then “Green Roof Industry Survey.” The full report is available to non-members for $299 and to members for $99. On the website, you also can find out more about the CitiesAlive: 15th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference running September 18-21 in Seattle, Washington. GP