Get Found with GrowIt!'s Garden Shops

Ellen C. Wells

For those of you who need proof that gardening-centered apps can benefit you, I have some for you: GrowIt!, the social gardening app, has seen more than 50,000 searches for local garden centers since this spring.

This spring, GrowIt! launched the GrowIt! Garden Shops program, where IGCs could post photos of products they have in stock and where folks looking for plants could find them locally. And GrowIt! app users used it aplenty—50,000 searches and counting. One garden center member of the Garden Shops program said they loved the app for its ability to provide information and recommendations for everyone along the gardening skill continuum—from newbie to the experienced gardener. Plus, as a member, you show up quickly as a local resource for folks on the plant prowl. “Everyone looks at their phone or other mobile device for anything at any time these days and voilà—there you are!” she said.

If you’re looking to increase traffic for fall and winter or even start early for next year, take a look at GrowIt!’s program: GP