Bracing for Color Impact

Christina Salwitz

Unusual fall colors thrill in this little jewel box container of interesting plants. With only four plants in a small 12-in. square container, each one needs to have impact in the coming cool days of autumn. Soft, vertical interest from the grass, electric violet foliage from the heuchera, blushing pink color on top of tiny warm gold leaves of the honeysuckle shrub and a raucous party of colors on the variegated leucothoe all come together to form one cohesive design. Using colors that pair well on the color wheel is key here where purple and orange converge and come together to make BIG impact in a small space!

The Plants
Little Bluestem Grass (Schyzachyrium scoparium), Zones 3 to 10
Heuchera Forever Purple, Zones 4 to 9
Lonicera nitida Twiggy, Zones 7 to 9
Leucothoe axillaris Rainbow, Zones 4 to 7

With more than 20 years of horticulture experience, Christina Salwitz is an author, garden writer, horticultural guidance counselor, cheerleader and landscape design hand-holder. She is The Garden Coach and can be reached at personalgardencoach@comcast.net.