Jim Eason Joins Bower & Branch Board

Jennifer Polanz

Founder of Eason Horticulture Resources Jim Eason has joined Bower & Branch on its board of directors, as well as contributing a financial investment.

Why jump on board? In the release from the company, Jim talks about the state of the digital market.

“Bower & Branch is positioned to take advantage of the growing consumer demand for access to larger mature plants through online and mobile shopping. One of the biggest threats to the traditional distribution channel is the recently announced Amazon Plant Store,” Jim says. “While both Amazon and Bower & Branch saw double and triple digit sales increases in 2017, the traditional plant distribution channel only saw low to mid-single digit increases, which were substantially made up of price increases to absorb increased costs of doing business. I believe Bower & Branch has developed a more advantageous distribution model that will better serve plant retailers of all types and the growers supplying them than the Amazon model.”

According to President and CEO Sid Raisch, more than 400,000 consumers shopped at, resulting in an online sale increase exceeding 100%.

“This growth rate is controlled as we build infrastructure and expand our product lines and service regions further. Our business model prioritizes plant health and the health of the local economy by doing business with local retailers and growers,” Sid says. “We have cracked the code for companion item sales with well over 60% of our customers buying our Bower & Branch Elements brand of Fertilizer, Planting Mix and Watering System.”

Sid adds about Jim Eason: “I have known Jim well for over 25 years, always appreciating his keen interest in plant genetics, forward thinking about business systems and concern for the future well-being of the families and employees in our industry. As more consumers buy online and ask for a wider range of products, Jim has his eye on how we will provide them. We’ll be working closely together to further develop our member sales and ordering systems.” GP