At Least 51 Ways to a Better 2018

Amanda Thomsen

Here we are, muddy boots firmly planted in 2018. This year, things are going to be different, right? You’re going to be different; you’re going to be BETTER and so is your business. There are a million ways to shake things up, but you have to decide you want to shake things up first. How do you know what you can grow if you never plant the seeds?

Here’s a daunting, but fun, list of things you can add to stretch yourself towards awesomeness. How many of these can you tackle? Try pushing yourself a little harder by planning in sets of three. Just like doing reps at the gym, this is where the strength-building happens. Don’t just come up with one idea; let it lead you to AT LEAST three ideas:

  • 3 ways you’re going to ramp up your social media (add a new platform, like a blog or Instagram, pull together a social media team, draw up a calendar of ideas now so you’re ready for the rest of the year).
  • 3 ways you’re going to perk up your employees/coworkers when it’s burn-out time (like add company-supplied healthy lunches or snacks once a week, add a temporary karaoke lounge where they can scream in a constructive manner, make sure you’re personally thanking them and letting them know that they add the flavor to the sauce).
  • 3 promotions you’ve never run before (something like a new customer night, an August succulent extravaganza or dog wash day).
  • 3 community projects you can take part in that you never have before (grow food to donate to a food pantry, have a tent at a town festival or go talk to a scout troop).
  • 3 native plants you’ve never carried before (and then vow to educate customers about these new plants and why they’re good for pollinators and humans).
  • 3 classes you’ve never offered before (like terrariums for kids, infused booze for adults or why not both of those at the same time?).
  • 3 ways of telling customers that you value them that you’ve never used before (on-the-fly discounts at the register, rewards for joining your mailing list, free classes and events).
  • 3 school gardens need your help, who will they be? (Donate seeds, supplies, starts or your time to help the next generation of gardeners bloom.)
  • 3 trade shows you’ll attend (make a thing of it, go get new ideas, new products and new friends).
  • 3 ways of celebrating the off-season (how about an occasional potluck, brunch or fun class for employees only?).
  • 3 things you can do to get Gen Z interested in gardening (places to play, plant and pretend).
  • 3 questions you should be asking every customer (“What did you plant last year?”, “Did you love it?” or “What kind of fertilizer are you using?”)
  • 3 things to do to make the best out of a rain day.
  • 3 parades you can walk in (Can you make a float? Costumes? Throw seed bombs?)
  • 3 sales goals you need to hit (Can you grow your sales of natives? Succulents? Houseplants?).
  • 3 ways of getting Millennials in the door (hire Millennials, use social media, carry cool stuff!).
  • 3 things you can broadcast on Facebook Live (unloading a truck, designing a container or a store tour—make sure it’s long enough for viewers to tune in and that you’re fielding any questions a viewer might type in).

What can you add to this list? How else can you take control, make it fun and push yourself a little harder by doing it thrice? GP

Amanda Thomsen is a regular columnist in Green Profit magazine. You can find her funky, punky blog planted at and you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter AND Instagram @KissMyAster.