What Homeowners Want

Jennifer Polanz

That’s the big question, right? The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) wants to know, too, and they asked their membership what’s trending in the 2018 Residential Landscape Trends Survey. More than 800 members responded and the Top 5 projects they listed with the highest expected consumer demand are:

1.    Native plants—83.3%

2.    Native/adapted drought-tolerant plants—83%

3.    Low-maintenance landscapes—80%

4.    Flexible use space (for everything from yoga to movie night)—74.2%

5.    Drip/water-efficient irrigation—72.4%

The Top 3 most popular outdoor design elements were fire pits/fireplaces, lighting and seating/dining areas (we’ll be covering two out of three of these in the June issue of Green Profit, so stay tuned). Also highly ranked were wireless/Internet connectivity, TV and video theaters. Find out more about ASLA at GP