Going Vertical

Ellen C. Wells

Two factors compel customers to buy houseplants: 1) The desire to care for a plant or two and 2) the desire to create a lush, tropical jungle in one’s home. This month’s Houseplant installment is decidedly leaning toward the latter.

What’s better than a foliage wall to inspire customers to go jungly in their own home? While this Ball FloraPlant display at Spring Trials isn’t a houseplant wall, per se, its jungle-esque appearance is easy enough to recreate in your own houseplant department—or anywhere at your store!

How To
I reached out to Ball Horticultural Company’s Creative Director Steve Wedemeyer to get the deets on how to create this Wonder Wall. Here’s what he suggests:

Materials: Constructed from common materials available at most building stores, including 2x4s and ¾-in. plywood.

Size: Sized to accommodate the available lumber and also large-format graphics.

“The trickiest part was adhering the graphics to the wood,” Steve mentions. “We found that they stuck better if the wood was primed and sanded first.”

Be sure to have a sample pot on hand, as the size of the holes is critical. For this wall, the team used a 6-in. hole cutter for what is commonly called an 8-in. pot. GP