AmericanHort launches Garden Retail Profitability series

Chris Beytes

Here’s a solid new resource to help you figure out how much money you’re making (or losing) at your garden center. AmericanHort is offering a four-part video series in conjunction with Steve Bailey Consulting and The Garden Center Group on Garden Retail Profitability. You’ll learn:

• Review of the income statement, or P&L

• Pricing and margin

• Inventory management and inventory turns

• GMROII—Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment

As of press time, they had launched two of the four videos:

In video 1, Steve Bailey reviews the five basic lines of a Profit & Loss Statement, defines key financial metrics such as Cost of Goods Sold, and shares industry benchmarks for income statement line items.

In video 2, Steve covers pricing and profit margin, including types of margin, ways to measure margin and industry margin benchmarks.

Visit this link to see the videos: GP