EHR’s Spring Trials Report

Ellen C. Wells

I’d just finished my portion of the GrowerTalks/Green Profit California Spring Trials coverage for this issue when I received an email from Eason Horticultural Resources containing the 2019 edition of their very own California Spring Trials Report. While Chris, Jen and I do a pretty awesome job with our coverage, there’s no way we can do what the folks at EHR do.

And what is it they do, exactly? They compile all of the input from all of their salespeople who attended trials and reported on the genetics from the 27 plant breeding companies. And since EHR isn’t aligned with any specific breeder or genetics, they give an honest and independent reporting of what they see. And they see all of it! It’s an impressive and monumental task.

If you’d like a digital copy of this year’s EHR California Spring Trials Report, send your request You can request it in digital or print form. GP