Not Too Late for a Stocking Stuffer

Ellen C. Wells

The nursery rhyme might say a pocketful of posies, but I’m thinking this new book by Teresa Sabankaya might be a good addition to a Christmas stocking, not just a pocket. “The Posy Book: Garden-Inspired Bouquets That Tell a Story” explains how a carefully curated posy, or small flower bouquet, can communicate feelings or messages by using the oft-hidden meanings or symbolism of flowers. For instance, callas and gardenias symbolize beauty and charm.

The book includes a bit of history and meaning, and also a whole bunch of posy “recipes” or lists of what flowers combine to create a posy with the message you want to convey. You could maybe take some of those recipes and use them for inspiration for mixed containers, eh?

It’s filled with gorgeous photos, too, making it a seriously nice gift item. You can purchase direct from the author at or other online book retailers. GP