Does Google Know If You're Open for Mother's Day?

Kate Penn, Society of American Florists

SAF has learned that some floral industry businesses have been marked "temporarily closed" on their Google Business Profile pages. If you are going to be open in some capacity for Mother's Day, see the best practices and guidance below to help you resolve the issue.

If you've already claimed your Google Business Profile:

  • Log into your Google My Business Account
  • Choose the Option "Mark My Business as Open."

If the "Mark my Business as Open" option doesn't appear, you should contact Google directly and request that they change your status immediately.

If you haven't claimed your Google Business Profile:

  • Find your Google listing online.
  • If you see "Temporarily Closed," click on the downward-pointing arrow that appears to the right of those words.
  • Google then gives you an opportunity to report that information as incorrect.

SAF strongly urges members to claim their Business Profile. Doing so is easy. Find step-by-step guidelines here.

Updated Delivery Attributes

Beyond updating or correcting your operating status, Google also has created service option attributes for businesses during the pandemic. One option that could be especially helpful ahead of Mother's Day: delivery — and the ability to communicate how you can get flowers to them this holiday.

A tip directly from Google: "When customers search for your store, your Business Profile will prominently show which of these delivery modes you currently support: 'Pickup,' 'Delivery,' 'Curbside pickup,' or 'In-store shopping.' Supported modes will have a '✓' and non-supported modes will have an 'X.'"

Find out more about how to update your delivery attributes, including the steps you can take to modify attributes across multiple locations here.