Success Results in Harvests

Ellen C. Wells

I wanted to share this because at some point your new vegetable gardening customers are going to wonder what to do with their harvest when you've helped them be successful. Some ideas about how to help customers once the harvest starts coming in are:

  • Chef Jonathan Bardzik has been working closely with All-America Selections (AAS) for some years now, creating videos to help gardeners figure out what to do with AAS-winning tomatoes and such. Could someone on your staff be your store’s go-to cooking instructor?
  • Offer canning and freezing supplies along with print and online instructions.
  • Connect with a local food bank to become a drop-off location for surplus crops.
  • Don’t forget the kids! Many of these veggies will be results of home schooling projects. Maybe film an “eat fresh from the garden!” video with a ranch dressing accompaniment. GP