Home Hydroponics Help

Jennifer Polanz

Hydroponics at home is a hobby that continues to trend, on a small scale and even on a much larger scale, based on a recent interview I did with an environmental control company. So when Ryan Ronzoni reached out to me about his Home Hydroponics Guide, I thought it would be natural to share.

Ryan just finished up his Master’s degree from Cornell University with a project on creating a guide for home hydroponics systems. Here’s what he wrote: “Searching around for information can be frustrating, so this guide packs all the information into one spot. Detailed steps for building and operating your own deep water culture and nutrient film techniques, including plant spacing, reservoir size and system components. The guide includes sections on seed starting, managing nutrient solutions, lighting and plant diseases/disorders.”

There are also sample calculations for lighting, fertilizer and entire system costs. I turned Ryan’s longer website link into a smaller one here for the guide and Excel spreadsheets with calculations: Thanks for the info, Ryan, and good luck in your future endeavors! GP