NGB’s "Year Of" Announcement

Jennifer Polanz


Every year it’s exciting to hear which plants will be celebrated in the National Garden Bureau’s "Year Of …" program. And this year, there’s an added bonus feature. But first, the 2021 plants are (drumroll):

• Bulb crop—Year of the Hyacinth

• Annuals—Year of the Sunflower

• Edibles—Year of the Garden Bean

• Perennials—Year of the Monarda

• Flowering shrubs—Year of the Hardy Hibiscus

Here’s that added bonus I mentioned earlier: The “Year of” program is being turned into a special exhibit opportunity for public gardens. The NGB is working with the American Public Garden Association members to create educational programs and seasonal exhibits that features the plant classes named for 2021.

By November 1, NGB will have photos of numerous varieties of all five crops (provided by NGB members) posted on its website. NGB also provides PDF’s of fact sheets, flyers, handouts, signage, poster, PowerPoint presentations, etc. After November 1, all of the above can be downloaded at no charge from the NGB website. These tools will help the North American home garden industry promote the crops to consumers and encourage gardening with these specific crop classes.

Visit to find out more and download promotional materials for these plants. GP