Online Inspiration

Ellen C. Wells

Well, we know more folks are doing outdoor and home improvement activities. And according to a Media Post article from early September, the Taking Home & Garden Online survey, conducted July 17-21, found that the pandemic has inspired consumers to spend more time and money on home and garden improvements. About 52% said they’ve purchased at least one home or garden product during lockdown, while another 51% said they still planned on doing so.

And Amazon was their online destination for those categories of products—some 52% of survey respondents said they visit Amazon for home and garden products and recommendations. Here’s how the survey results break down:
• Amazon:  52%
• Google:  45%
• YouTube:  34%
• Online retail stores:  30%
• Facebook:  27%
• Instagram:  21%
• Pinterest:  19%
• Online magazines/blogs:  12%

The factors influencing online sales include:
• Free delivery:  51%
• Fast delivery:  41%
• A large number of positive reviews:  36%
• Plenty of good quality images of the products:  34%
• Returns are free:  34%
• Clear returns policies:  29%