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Supply & Demand

Jennifer Polanz

Every year we try to discern the trends in containers, whether that’s finishes, sizes, styles or any other component that will help retailers sell more pots in the spring. This year, it seems supply is part of that trend report.

“All indications are that garden centers are preparing for another massive selling season following the paradigm shift in 2020,” notes Alec Junge, director of product and marketing at Ceramo Company. “Orders are way up across the board and many overseas manufacturers sold out for the season months earlier than they usually do.

“We’ve placed our bets and ordered big, but I think that supplies will be tight across the industry throughout the spring—especially for clay pots, as the big Italian manufacturers were shut down for half of last year.”

Indoor pots in smaller sizes continue to be a big trend, as the foliage and houseplant craze hasn’t abated at all. Some suppliers are going all in on whimsical and fun containers, like Grass Flip Flops’ Vickie Canepa, who’s introduced a cute new line of animal-themed resin pots ranging between 4-in. to 5.5-in.

“People want something different,” she says. “Succulents are such a popular category. Why not create a fun, unique way to display them?”

Multiple people I talked to said neutral, natural tones are back in play. Ashley Goldman, marketing manager at Anamese Garden + Home, traveled to Paris in late 2019 for a French trade fair and saw the trend coming.

“The trends come to interiors first and then it moves to the exterior. Everything we saw was so on point with everything we’re seeing in sales right now,” she says, adding people “can’t get enough” of their new line of Vietnamese unglazed clay pots in soft neutral colors.

She also says white is still somewhat popular, but now buyers are looking for some earthy contrast to all the white they still have.

“I think people are wanting clean and simple lines,” Ashley says. “You have to find a balance between trendy and classic.”

When it comes to what to put in the pots, Jeanine Standard, public relations for Proven Winners, says they’ve seen increased consumer interest in containers featuring “beauty without blooms” using nothing but foliage plants. She also notes monoculture containers are continuing to grow in popularity, giving retailers an easy entry into container plantings for new gardeners. GP


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Pictured: Pots with Vietnamese Unglazed, Helio and Anthracite finishes from Anamese Garden + Home.
Pictured: An example of foliage-only plantings in Proven Winners’ AquaPots, a line of self-watering pots.
Pictured: The Meditating Pals from Grass Flip Flops


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