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Encouraging Surplus Harvest Donations

Ellen C. Wells

Garden centers may have seen a great boom in business and the number of new gardeners may have exploded due to the pandemic, but not everyone has experienced such blessings. Food insecurity has doubled due to the crisis, according to media reports.

To help local communities nationwide, Bonnie Plants is once again encouraging gardeners to plant a little extra to help neighbors in need. Bonnie Plants’ Grow More. Feed More. initiative is partnering with once again to encourage home gardeners to plant a little extra this season and donate their surplus to help feed their neighbors and support their communities. is a nonprofit that connects gardeners with more than 9,000 local food pantries that accept fresh produce.

According to Bonnie Plants President and CEO Mike Sutterer, a recent survey conducted by the company found that while 50% of gardeners harvest surplus food, only 10% know where the extra food can be donated. Bonnie and AmpleHarvest hope to fix that.

Bonnie Plants is also once again donating 5% of their online sales through July to the organization. You should get involved, too! Find where you can donate your exhibition vegetable garden produce and encourage your customers to do the same. Direct them to to find local food pantries accepting donations. GP