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E-comm Strategic Partnership

Jennifer Polanz

Multiple green industry companies announced a strategic partnership in August to expand e-commerce sales of trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials. The companies involved in the announcement are: EdenGrene (doing business as Bower & Branch),, Plant Sentry Inc. and Home & Garden Fulfillment.

Right now EdenGrene/Bower & Branch has 10 growers in its network providing trees and plants either directly to consumers or to garden center partners. According to a media release, the partnerships will allow all involved to ship larger live goods throughout the country. Home & Garden Fulfillment is investing more than $1 million in technology and capital into EdenGrene.

“The EdenGrene model focuses directly on the financial health of its growers, returning not only greater volumes, but volume with greater margins,” says Jeff Dinslage, CEO of Nature Hills Nursery, Plant Sentry and Home & Garden Fulfillment. “The EdenGrene model together with Home & Garden Fulfillment, empowers other online retailers to effectively engage and sell live plant categories online. Consumers across the country will benefit from this dynamic partnership by having dramatically increased accessibility to larger sized trees and plants, as well as traditional package shipping sizes in greater selection and choices.”

The Plant Sentry side of the business includes technology that keeps the online sales compliant with state agriculture departments.

“Through this partnership, we are able to assume responsibility for compliance on behalf of our grower network and state agencies,” says Don Eaton, CEO of EdenGrene, who says Jeff brings more than 20 years of e-comm experience. “All our online sales partners will benefit from this relationship. This is required for our quickly expanding Audubon Plants for Birds program selling true native plants in regions of true nativity across the United States.” GP

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