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Global Garden Retail Conference Lineup

Jennifer Polanz & Ellen C. Wells

Article ImageIn the December news section, we told you about the brand new Global Garden Retail Conference, a virtual event taking place February 1–3. Now we’ve got more details, including the line-up of speakers, which kicks off with a keynote from Ball Horticultural Company’s own Anna and Susannah Ball (pictured). They’ll pair up for a talk on “Our Views of the Massive Worldwide Opportunities for Horticulture.”

What else can you expect from the event? Here’s a quick rundown of a tentative schedule, with more to come:

Day 1: Addressing the Key Issues
Trend Swaps from Around the World
Diverse City & Bridging Communication Across Cultures
Keynote Address
Sustainability … It all Changes in 2022
The New Connected & Conscious Consumer

Day 2: The New Look of Garden Retail
Trend Swaps from Around the World Pt. 2
Garden Centers as Community Hubs
Theatre in Garden Retail
New Perspectives on Garden Centre Retail Design
Vision, Values & Volition: Communicating Your Brand to Your Customer

Day 3: This Model Needs Reinventing
Trend Swaps from Around the World Pt. 3
Garden Centers As Influencers
It’s Time to Get Naked
It’s Time to Get Groovy
It’s Time for Real Change

As we noted before, the co-chairs of this new event are American consultant Sid Raisch and Aussie consultant John Stanley. This event, which includes a virtual trade show, features fast-paced presentations and, FYI, it’s FREE for retail attendees. And the trade show associated with the conference will be open for the entire month of February.

Each of the daily conference sessions consist of three 20-minute sessions that can be accessed on-demand, followed by a variety of bonus and Q&A sessions and Discussion Rooms on topics related to the presentations.

Did we mention that Green Profit and GrowerTalks are the exclusive U.S. media sponsors for the Global Garden Retail Conference? We are! (You can also thank our parent company Ball Horticultural Company, for being the event’s Diamond sponsor, along with a host of other great hort companies signing on as sponsors.)

You can get advance info about the event, speakers and exhibitor information by clicking over to It’s a new show, but it’s got some well-respected speakers. Hope to virtually see you there! GP

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