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Pets on the Payroll

Jennifer Polanz
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This month’s MVP (most valuable pet) goes to Crash at Belmont Nursery in Fresno, California.

“Crash, named after Kevin Costner’s character in the movie ‘Bull Durham,’ is especially fond of making staff and customers feel welcome at our nursery … by joining us on the electric carts that are available for use in our 10-acre nursery,” writes owner Jon Reelhorn. “He greets children, other dogs and dog lovers regularly, and loves doing it. Sometimes he even scores a treat and many bring biscuits for him.

“We spend so much time at the nursery ... and he makes it feel less like work and more like home. He makes us smile.”

Share your MVPs of the non-human variety with us. Make sure you tell us why they’re important to the operation, too. Are they greeters? Pest control? Stress relief for your staff? Email Jen Polanz. 

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