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Head to Iowa This Summer

Ellen C. Wells

National Garden Bureau, Home Garden Seed Association and All-America Selections are inviting the entire hort industry to their co-hosted, in-person Summer Summit, happening in Des Moines, Iowa, this August 2-4. The meeting itself will be in Des Moines, with one day spent in the greater Des Moines area and the second day in nearby Ames.

A few of the Summer Summit highlights to look forward to include:
•     AAS Trial tours
•     HGSA Trial tours
•     AAS Display Garden tours
•     NGB’s Consumer Focus Group, Live!
•     Awards presentations
•     Public garden tours
•     Unique Iowa destination tours
•     A celebration of All-America Selections’ 90th anniversary!

Come one, come all—and I mean all because this event is open to growers, breeders, retailers, brokers, industry reps, educators, media, garden communicators … you name it.

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