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Greenhouse Melons

Jennifer Polanz
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Yes, you read that right. Melons. Pure Flavor is launching the first greenhouse-grown, personal-sized melons under the branded name. The company’s R&D team, which partnered with Cornell University during the production development process, was able to gain insights on product and plant health to maximize yield and improve flavor.

They’ve been working on it since 2014 to make sure they had an exclusive variety that could be a part of scalable production, and could meet the needs of the market and the end consumer.

“Our product trials told us a great deal; we knew that it had to be something special that we could scale commercially to meet the demand,” said Jamie Moracci, president of Pure Flavor, in a media release. “After eight years, we have launched a unique product that our customers are excited about and will breathe new life into the category.”

These sweet and juicy melons will come in single and multi-pack formats.

“The consumer centric brand strategy is simple: it’s the one sitting snack, meal, appetizer, post-work out re-hydrator,” said Chief Marketing Officer Chris Veillon. “It’s for me and only me. Fits in the palm of my hand.”

Jamie notes in the release, too, that they’re working on more melon varieties and “look forward to rolling them out shortly.”

They’re currently grown in Mexico. IG

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