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Celebrating the Positives

Jennifer Polanz
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The folks at Monrovia recently shared a letter from a 7th grade science teacher in Des Moines, Iowa. Why is it important? Because it highlights how important our products are not just to home gardeners, but to educators and the next generation of gardeners and horticulturists. Here’s an excerpt from the letter:

Pictured: One of the Garden Project plans created by a 7th grader using the Monrovia website as a guide.

For the past few years, Monrovia has *unknowingly* partnered with me and my students on one of our coolest projects for the school year. The Monrovia website has been an invaluable resource for my students in completing their Garden Projects, and I thought I would just reach out and say a big THANK YOU by sharing some of the projects from this year.

This project is the culmination of our study of plant reproduction and pollinators. Students are required to plan a garden area for our school grounds that includes plants that are suitable for our growing zone, will attract pollinators, and will provide an area for study and relaxation. They must research the plants they want to include, work within a budget and create a scale drawing of their plan.

Here’s the response from Monrovia Chief Marketing Officer Katie Tamony: “Sometimes we can all forget that we’re doing more than
growing plants—we’re also inspiring and educating each other in profound, long-lasting ways. We were thrilled to learn that our website is helping this teacher inspire her students to become gardeners and designers. We want to make the world a more beautiful place, and our investment in our plant database and plantfinder tool is part of our strategy to do that for generations of gardeners.” GP

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