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2023 Year of the …

Ellen C. Wells
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Another bit of news out of Cultivate is the announcement of the 2023 “Year of the” plants from the folks at National Garden Bureau. The “Year of the” program has six different categories:

Bulbs: Year of the Amaryllis

Annuals: Year of the Celosia

Houseplants: Year of the Orchid

Edibles: Year of the Broccoli

Perennials: Year of the Rudbeckia

Flowering Shrubs: Year of the Spirea

The aim of the “Year of the” program is to choose and highlight crops that are easy to grow, are genetically diverse, and have a ton of new breeding that can be showcased. NGB goes to great lengths to promote all of the “Year of the” crops to the consumer media and as well as to consumers directly, such as via NGB webinars, so demand for these crops does increase.

Promotion to consumer media begins in January and as such NGB suggests breeders, brokers, growers and garden centers start incorporating the “Year of the” plants into your marketing for 2023. As of November 1, you’ll be able to download photos, fact sheets, flyers, signage, posters, presentations and all the marketing support around the “Year of the” crops from the NGB website at GP

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