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Marketing Tips for 2023

Ellen C. Wells

Now that it’s officially fall, it’s time (even a bit beyond time) to start thinking about 2023. To help get your brainwaves in future-strategizing mode, I’ll share some tips from SmartBrief for where these four marketing pros believe your marketing efforts will be best focused.

Be nimble. So says Tiffany Froy, VP of Marketing for PureRED. Pivot your marketing plans as consumers find their way through a minefield of inflation, supply chain snafus and general uncertainty. Leave space and budget within your plan to keep up with any last-minute changes.

Prioritize shopper marketing. Teresa Aprile, CEO and co-founder of Brandcrush, says this strategy focuses on getting through to a consumer where it matters most: at the point of purchase, whether that’s an online or offline experience. Your in-store and online marketing efforts must be aligned. Customers are paying attention to all of it.

Podcasts! Brittany Bearden of Otter PR says they will become an increasingly important part of any media strategy. Did you know the podcast listener group has grown by about 30% in the last three years? Count me among them. Not only that, these podcasts attract niche audiences, which means if your topic aligns with the topic of the podcast, all the listeners are interested in either you as a guest on the show or as an advertiser on the show. From my own experience, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of local ads bookending some podcasts, like grocery stores and such. Could be a good venue!

Lastly, and a topic I’m still not 100% on board with, is the metaverse. With regard to marketing, Ginger Shrimp, Global Content Lead for SAP SE, says this alternate world is all about the how the user experiences it and that could be a thousand different ways. The metaverse will be experiencing much more traffic in the coming years. What will that space mean for your business?

Where’s your marketing strategy headed for 2023? Drop me a note about where your emphasis will be: GP

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