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Editor-at-Large for Green Profit magazine, and editor of the buZZ! and Tropical Topics e-newsletters. Ellen's been in agriculture/horticulture for over 40 years, growing up on Wells Farm on Long Island, which has been in her family since 1661. It's the oldest continuously run farm in New York and the fifth oldest business in America! Ellen has a Master's degree in Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture from Cornell University, and spends a lot of her time in the local community garden and teaching yoga.

Recent Articles

Cover Story
New Varieties Aren’t Cancelled!
Ellen C. Wells
Trials may have been scratched for 2020, but the show certainly went on.
Buzz Worthy
We’re All In It Together
Ellen C. Wells
While we still tip toward the white male end of the spectrum, our industry is blessed with a diversity I don’t see in many other sectors.
Front Lines
E-Commerce for Winter Greens
Ellen C. Wells
In the vein of “it’s never too early to think about the year-end holidays,” M&M Wintergreens has developed an e-commerce solution for garden retailers called Winter Shoppe.
Front Lines
What’s This COVID Surcharge?
Ellen C. Wells
Surcharges are being added at a variety of retailers, restaurants in particular, for a variety of reasons.
Front Lines
Who’s Buying Veggies & Herbs (and Why)
Ellen C. Wells
Thirty percent of those who plan to grow their own vegetables and herbs are gardening for the first time, with 65% listing COVID-19 as the number one reason they chose to start a garden.
Front Lines
Postponed and Virtual Events
Ellen C Wells & Allison Westbrook
We have some more details on events that have either been cancelled, postponed or turned into virtual events.
CAST Through Zoom
Chris Beytes, Ellen C. Wells, Bill Calkins & Jennifer Zurko
Although the live event was cancelled because of COVID-19, the California Spring Trials continued on anyway, virtually from the comfort of our homes.
GT in Brief
HRI Launches tHRIve Series
Ellen C. Wells
The Horticultural Research Institute (HRI) has created a new web-based series featuring key research findings that help environmental horticulture businesses grow.
Front Lines
Market Updates
Ellen C. Wells
If you were hoping to get some gift and non-hort buying done at a market this year, you likely won’t.
Front Lines
Success Results in Harvests
Ellen C. Wells
At some point your new vegetable gardening customers are going to wonder what to do with their harvest when you've helped them be successful.
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