The Goods

Adriana Heikkila

Abbott-Ipco Inc.

Caladium Flatter Me is a fancy leaf with unique color pattern, mottled light/dark green background and a distinct red center. It’s full-sun tolerant and makes a beautiful potted plant in pot sizes 4 in. and larger. De-eyeing improves pot habit. For more information, email

Anthony Tesselaar Plants

Festival Lime is the third in the compact, clump-forming Festival Cordyline series. Festival Lime has glossy cascading foliage, is low maintenance and is ideal in containers or in mass plantings. Grows 3 ft. by 3 ft. Suitable in Zones 8b to 11, but can be overwintered indoors as a container houseplant.

ArizonaEast LLC
Collaborating with the minds behind many Pinterest projects, ArizonaEast’s “Succulents Uncorked” brings together new wave plant-lovers and vino drinkers. Attached to magnetic wine corks, these succulents are an irresistible impulse buy as a gift or just because.

Bloem Living LLC

The Lucca self-watering planter is easy to use and keeps plants watered longer. Start by watering from the top for three to four weeks until the root system is established. Then fill the tray with water and the plant’s roots will tap into the supply as needed. Pictured: Peppercorn.

Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm
Salvia Magic Wand is an exciting new hybrid, a farinacea crossed with the species. Magic Wand grows very large in the garden, 14- to 18-in. tall, staying very upright with no breaking in the middle. Its beautiful, soft purple tone and scent attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. Vigorous and easy to grow, it’s a great choice to make gardeners feel successful.

Darwin Perennials
Salvia greggii Mirage provides early-season and summer-long blooming in the garden. Its self-branching and mounding habit resists breaking for easy shipping. Available in nine bold, bright colors (pictured: Hot Pink) to stand out in stores. Mix them for more appeal. Hardy to Zones 7 to 9.

Dümmen Orange

The Cosmo Pot Mum series is a brand-new line offered by Dümmen Orange. Comprised of Yellow, Purple and White, all three Cosmos are stable mutations from the same parent, making them perfectly uniform. This matched vigor and response time makes them a low-risk, high-reward choice for a pot mum combo program. Pictured: Cosmo Pot Mum Trio.

Emerald Coast Growers LLC
Miscanthus s. Scout salutes gardens with slender green blades and white midribs that take on spectacular fall color. This handsome, infertile form reaches a height of 5 to 6 ft. and is hardy in Zones 5 to 10.

Distinctive and elegant, this white heart on a red background lets you put the universal symbol of love, warmth and happiness at your doorstep. Part of the new Entryways Simplicity Collection, Warm Heart, is crafted of vinyl coils on a non-slip rubber backing for a high-quality feel that’s soft on the feet while exceptionally durable. This mat is 18 in. by 30 in. and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Gardener's Supply Company

Decorate with a flourish all year-round with these stunning Copper Wire Globe and Teardrop Hanging Baskets. Embellish these versatile copper frames with air plants, succulents, holiday greens, annual flowers or fairy lights. Display indoors or out. Includes 8-in. hanging hook.

J. Berry Nursery
Hollywood Hibiscus are proven performers for growers, retailers and gardeners. This collection offers multi-day lasting blooms, compact habits, resistance to bacterial leaf spot and commercially friendly growth rates. Pictured Runway Beauty features gorgeous pink petals with light pink to white edges.

Lambert Peat Moss
Lambert Complete Potting Mix with Moisture Crystals is specially enhanced with moist crystals to help retain plant moisture and nutrients, protecting plants from stressful, drying conditions. This mix, entered in Cornell University’s Retail Soils Container Trials, showed best plant performance as compared to all other mixes in the trial.

LFS Glove

Bellingham Snow Blower gloves keep hands warm and dry. Tough, durable, double-dipped PVC outer layer stays flexible to -4F (-20C). The soft, napped acrylic liner adds warmth, while the textured palm delivers dependable grip and the gauntlet protects wrists from cold and moisture.

The 14 in. Rainier Hanging Basket has increased soil volume to help plant material flourish during the whole growing season. It’s been designed to be strong as well as versatile. The Rainier has holes to accommodate either a 19-in., four-strand plastic hanger or a four-strand wire hanger. It comes with an internal saucer. Hanger sold separately.

GrowBox, a tabletop indoor garden, incorporates four multi-wavelength LED lamps and 50 growing sites. Coupling OPCOM’s soil-free, hydroponic growing technology with proprietary color LED lighting, it grows 25% faster. Eliminate challenges of weeding, pests and weather normally associated with outdoor gardening.

PanAmerican Seed

Give today’s shoppers easy, grab ’n go gardens in fresh, on-trend colors. Hit every price point with 50+ trialed-and-proven choices. Plug & Play Combos include their patented seed technology Fuseables Precision Multi-Pellets, as well as combos featuring the popular Wave Petunia brand for added promotion. Pictured: Lemon Dream.

Pleasant View Gardens Inc.
Available in 4-in. biodegradable coir pots that can be planted directly into the ground, Savor Edibles & Fragrants’ new Souper Leaf Celery Apium plant is perfect for soups and stews. In fact, every part of it can be eaten or used in cooking—from its stem to its stalks and leaves.

Star Roses and Plants
Princesse Charlene de Monaco is a beautiful Romantica-type Hybrid Tea rose. Its very fragrant flowers are fully double and light apricot to shell pink in color. It has excellent disease resistance for the type and will make a good choice for use as a cut flower.

Suntory Flowers Ltd.

Princettia Pure White Euphorbia is as white as snow. Unlike the more vigorous Princettia Max White, Pure White matches the compact pink varieties in the Princettia series. Cuttings are available through Dümmen Orange.

Terra Nova Nurseries
Kniphofia Mango Popsicle has delicious spikes of sweet, mango-orange blooms that last all summer and are resistant to deer and droughts. The short, grassy foliage and clumping habit make this colorful variety the perfect garden plant or upright accent.

The Best Bees Company
Beautify the garden with Best Bees specialty hand-painted hives. Choose from a range of illustrative border designs, professional-grade paints, wood stains and copper adornments. Purchase includes a year of their beekeeping services. Balancing both dark and light colors, The Symphony (pictured) is a rich embodiment of classic charm.

Twist and Seal

The Cord Dome protects multiple outdoor electrical connections from the rain and melting snow. It can house most multi-plug power strips and Y connectors, eliminating the need to tape or bag your connections. The Cord Dome is made of a UV-resistant, heavy-duty commercial grade plastic and helps prevent electrical shock hazards.

Weeks Roses
With a shorter and more compact habit than full-size climbers, Cupid’s Kisses brings the right height (up to 8-ft. tall) to confined areas of a landscape. The 2-in. wide flowers have a distinctive pink hue, which contrasts nicely with the white base of each petal and yellow centers. The prolific flowers are produced in medium-sized clusters and bloom until late fall. GP