Proven Winners’ New Succulents

Ellen C. Wells

Just when you thought succulents couldn’t come in any more colors, shapes and combinations, Proven Winners comes out with a new line of them—many of which have not been available in commercial quantities in North America until now. The brand-new line of Coral Creations includes more than 30 different varieties selected by Chris Hansen of Garden Solutions. Along with being one of the happiest guys I know in horticulture, Chris has a superb eye for what will become a hit with consumers. He’s the same guy who’s behind the Chick Charms Sempervivums and those are cool! The five succulent recipes in the Coral Creations line are all chosen for fast finish times, compatibility within the recipe and striking colors.

Now, to get the best a grower can out of the program, Proven Winners suggests producing these February through August when days are longer and light levels are naturally higher. They’ll finish in eight to nine weeks in spring in northern climates and even faster in the South. Coral Creations is available via Four Star Greenhouse, Pleasant View Gardens and Garden Solutions in the U.S. Our Canadian friends can find them at Nordic Nurseries and Ed Sobkowich Greenhouses. GP