Knupper Nursery Closing

Ellen C. Wells

Knupper Nursery, a landmark business in Palatine, Illinois, is closing after 88 years. According to The Daily Herald, John and Sue Heaton have sold the property to an auto dealership and will be closing up shop as of June 16.

John has owned Knupper Nursery since 1968, when he bought the nursery after the death of his former father-in-law, original owner Richard Knupper. On the sale of the property 50 years later, John is quoted as saying, “We quickly made the decision to sell the property and move on to the next phase of our lives.”

According to The Daily Herald, Sue was concerned about what would happen to the business’s employees once they closed. Apparently, the staff, who are highly regarded as quite knowledgeable, are entertaining multiple offers of employment at other area garden centers and nurseries. Good for them! Looks like this is a happy ending for everyone involved. GP