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Product Profiles

Adriana Heikkila
Article ImageAldea
In collaboration with London’s V&A Museum and William Morris designs, Wild and Wolf introduces V&A Garden Tools. Featuring Morris’s botanical-inspired designs, this aluminum hand trowel and cultivator set is lightweight, strong and ergonomically designed. Available in several prints.
Article Image

Ball FloraPlant
When shoppers are craving bright color, Voltage Yellow is the answer. It’s said to be the first osteospermum in bloom and the last to go out of bloom. This low-energy variety has excellent branching so fewer PGRs are needed to produce naturally full and compact plants. Ideal for baskets, containers and landscapes.

Article ImageDanziger “Dan” Flower Farm
Calibrachoa Noa Almond Blossom, a wonderfully almond-looking flower with white to pinkish petals and nice light veins, makes an impressive new addition to the Noa series for 2010. Additional newcomers include Dark Pink Carnival, Tangerine, Mango Eye Improved, Peach and Mega Raspberry.

Designer Stone Inc.Article Image
The Meditating Squirrel sculpture is perfect for any Zen garden. All Meditating Animals have Chinese characters etched into the back of their robe indicating the animal’s primary characteristic; the squirrel’s is cleverness. Made of solid cast-stone (concrete) with integrated coloring and all-weather protective sealant.

EArticle ImagecoGroline
Bubbling with fun, EcoGroline’s latest product promises educational advantages centered on both nature and outdoor activities. The Bubble Garden & Fun Flower Kit includes an assortment of colorful wildflower seeds, complete with enriched soil and biodegradable fiber pot, a rainbow bubble kit, crayons and a butterfly net.
Article Image

ForemostCo Inc.
The new compact sansevieria BirdsNest Collection from ForemostCo is a true dwarf series ideal for 3- to 4-in. pot production. Perfect for use in mixed foliage dish gardens. There are five varieties available and additional varieties coming in the latter part of 2010.

Article ImageFour Star Greenhouse Inc.
Proven Selections’ colocasia Coffee Cups lends a tropical air to large containers and landscape water features. Long, dark stems support green-cupped leaves, which collect water. When too heavy, they bend to spill the water and return upright to fill again.

Gardener’s SupplyArticle Image
Boost your garden’s productivity by providing a home for peaceful, non-stinging Mason bees. Mason bees are incredible pollinators, each one visiting as many as 1,000 blooms per day. Hang this natural bamboo Mason Bee House against a tree or wall where it will get morning sun and attract bees.

Article ImageGoldsmith Seeds 
Cora Cascade from Syngenta Flowers is a new series bred by Goldsmith Seeds. Just like Cora, Cora Cascade is disease resistant. This vigorous trailing vinca fills large beds and landscapes, and is perfect for baskets. Large blooms cover the entire plant, leaving no bald spots. Cora Cascade comes in five colors.
Article Image

GroPole LLC
GroPole is an easily adjustable, reusable plant stake that grows with your plant. The stake enters the soil at 1 ft. and extends from 2 ft. to 5 ft. in height. Ideal for tomatoes, climbing vines and flowers. Made of UV-protected ABS plastic for strength, rigidity and long life.
Article Image

Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery Inc.
Kalanchoe Thyrsflora Fantastic, an exciting new variegated version of the popular Flapjack/Paddle plant, is now available from Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery. It has all the positive traits of the non-variegated form with the addition of a rich gold variegation which accents the red margins of the leaves.
Article Image

Mechanix Wear Inc.
The Cold Weather Glove has a fleece top with a wind-resistant barrier and a rubberized, high-grip, water-repellent palm to make gripping easier even under snowy conditions. The upper palm, thumb and finger tips are double-
reinforced and rubberized as an added barrier.

Article ImageMonrovia
James Fleming hibiscus, from the breeding program started by the late Fleming Brothers, produces maroon-
tinted foliage. Exceptionally bright, hot pink flowers have a red eye and a flat, wide form. This spectacular summer bloomer has an upright, rounded habit. Very fast growth to 3 to 4 ft. tall and wide.
Article Image

Mud Glove
Developed for comfort while gardening during hot weather, Cool Mud’s seamless knit liner contains Lycra Bodycare, an aloe vera additive that moisturizes hands during use. The gloves 360-degree breathable, water-repellent, air-infused nitrile coating keeps hands cool and dry. Choose from Glacier Blue, Arctic Mint and Mountain Lilac in sizes XS to XL.

Article ImageMylin Products Inc.
Mr. Hibbs Garden Fence Watering System fits any garden shape and attaches to any standard garden hose. The system conserves water, reduces waste and runoff, and saves on water bills and time. The directional adjustable spray jets allow for directing water only where needed. Available in 12-ft. and 20-ft. lengths.
Article Image


An exclusive introduction from Novalis for 2010, Mahonia eurybracteata Soft Caress offers texture like no other in the shade garden. Slender, bamboolike foliage forms an evergreen, medium-sized shrub. In early winter, racemes of bright yellow flowers stand atop the foliage.

Article ImageNovelty Mfg.
Ella Tall Planters make a bold statement indoors or out, and their mixed-medium facade blends well with any décor. A deeper vessel allows for larger plants, trees and shrubbery to live in a healthier planted environment. Available in Black and Teak in 19½-in. and 27½-in., self-watering pots that are lightweight.
Article Image

Proven Winners LLC
True blue flowers can be difficult to find in nature, but lobelia are true, real blue. Lucia Dark Blue lobelia has better heat tolerance than older varieties. This lobelia reaches a height of 6 to 8 in. Great in both landscapes and containers of all kinds.

Article ImageRadius Garden LLC
The Pond Shark combines the features of a net, rake and scraper to rip and remove string algae in a simple raking motion. The durable, nylon-fiber construction makes it effective but safe for rubber liners. Unique features include its replaceable, snap-in net and the adjustable, telescoping shaft that locks.
Article Image

Rancho Tissue Technologies

Aloe hybrid Christmas Carol is a small-sized aloe with a spectacular color. Trimmed in bright red, the deep green leaves also feature vibrant, dark red spots along the centers of the leaves. Best for 4- to 6-in. pots indoors or outdoors.

Article Image
Skagit Gardens Inc.
Helleborus Gold Collection Pink Frost features burgundy buds that open to outward-facing blossoms in soft pink shades that darken to rich hues. Deep green foliage has a silvery sheen marbled across the top, accented by red stems and veins. A choice perennial for shade.

Article Image
Southern Outdoor Technologies
The Back Forty ATV-friendly utility trailer boasts a stout hauling capacity of 1,500 lbs. Measuring 48 in. wide by 72 in. long, the Back Forty is extremely maneuverable, yet still big enough to haul tremendous loads. It has a 14-gauge welded steel frame, which is attached to a heavy-duty, five-lug hub and axle.

Article ImageTilley Endurables
The Women’s TH9 Hemp Hat is the newest addition to the Tilley Hemp family of hats. Stay protected from the sun and rain, while looking great and in style. The Hemp Hat includes three different colored hatbands, which come in a reusable hemp pouch. Certified UPF 50+.
Article Image

Tripar Inc.
Tripar’s Window-Mounted Birdfeeder allows birds to be viewed in natural daylight and color. Each birdfeeder is
20 in. long by 1¾ ft. wide and can also serve as a watering trough. Continuous 5/8 in.-high sidewalls provide ample seed or water capacity. Made from pure stamped copper.
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