Product Profiles

Jennifer Zurko
Anthony Tesselaar Plants
Phormium Black Adder’s striking burgundy-black leaves with high-gloss overlay are a breakthrough in dark foliage. Drought and wind tolerant, Black Adder is ideal for exposed conditions and coastal plantings. Hardy in Zones 8 through 11. This plant can be overwintered indoors.  

Bailey Nurseries
First Editions Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea’s enormous blooms start out creamy vanilla white, changing to a soft pink and finally to strawberry red. New blooms keep the multicolored show going throughout the summer and early fall. The blooms are held on strong, red stems that cascade later in the season.

Ball FloraPlant
Voltage Yellow is the first osteospermum in bloom and the last out of bloom. It features very flexible stems that sleeve, ship and show well. This full and compact plant is ideal for baskets and mixed containers. Its low spreading habit also makes it great for landscapes.

Dairy Waste Manage
ment, LLC
Cow Wow Liquid Compost is a convenient, eco-friendly alternative with no mess or manure odor. Simply dilute this all-natural concentrate with water and apply as a soil drench or foliar spray for dramatic results. Improves water-holding capacity, increases microbial activity in the soil, and encourages stronger roots.

David Austin Roses
Rosa Princess Alexandra of Kent is a repeat-flowering English old rose hybrid with approximately 130 petals. This rose has unusually large glowing pink and deeply cupped roses. In spite of their size, they are never clumsy, being held nicely on a well-rounded shrub. Grows 3½ 5 ft. tall by 2½ ft. wide.

Growing organic vegetables just got easier with the Organic Ready-to-Grow Kit. The EarthBox controls soil conditions, eliminates guesswork and more than doubles the yield of a conventional garden, while using less water and fertilizer. The kit includes organic OMRI-registered potting mix, 8-3-5 organic OMRI-registered fertilizer, and natural dolomite with trace elements.

Encore Azalea
Gardeners can now enjoy in spring, summer and fall the rich medium pink blooms seen once a year on the Pink Ruffle azalea. Autumn Carnation Rhododendron Hybrid has exceptional flower quality, color and lustrous dark green foliage, which make this variety an excellent landscape addition.

Greenex USA Inc.
A new ornamental pepper for 2010, Capsicum Santa is a compact variety with unique dark foliage. Capsicum Santa develops black fruits, which turn an intense red as they mature.

Husqvarna Outdoor Products Inc.
The WeedeaterOne personal riding mower is smaller, greener and more maneuverable for homeowners who mow their own small to mid-sized yards. The WeedeaterOne’s specially designed Briggs & Stratton engine meets strict EPA 2012 regulations by emitting 75% less exhaust emissions.

Intrinsic Perennial Gardens Inc.

Geum Mai Tai offers single to semi-double red flowers that fade to peach and finally to pink atop burgundy red stems. Flowers start blooming in May and continue for three to four weeks. The short clumping plants reach 10 in. tall and more than 12 in. wide.

Lostfoundreturned Inc.
Need help keeping track of those expensive carts? Asset labels are an inexpensive way to track and protect your inventory. Labels can be branded with your logo, and feature a unique identification number that can be catalogued online, as well as a call-to-action: “Return for Reward” with a toll-free number.

McCorkle Nurseries Inc.
The Gardener’s Confidence Collection presents Sweetheart Dazzle Dwarf Crapemyrtle for 2010. The new variety features beautiful elongated foliage and profuse pink blooms. Maturing at 2 to 3 ft. tall by 4 to 5 ft. wide, it is an ideal choice for small landscapes and container gardens.

Moerings USA
Watergardens for the Patio. Easy to install with special brackets, the plants are suspended on the edge of the bowl and keep the water 100% algae-free with little to no maintenance. Just fill it up one to two times a week. Add fish to avoid mosquitoes.

National Hardware Show

You’ll find the latest trends and innovations in the New Product World, showcasing thousands of the hottest new products. Plus, everything reflecting green lifestyle under these two categories appears in green ink as part of Green Product World. Register today at

Oldcastle Lawn & Garden
Jolly Gardener’s new line of Premium potting mixes and outdoor planting soils are carefully blended with the highest quality ingredients to ensure consistency and success. Exclusively sold at premier retailers, the line is priced for maximum retailer margin and packaged for high shelf visibility and appeal.

Plants On Walls
Plants On Walls makes vertical gardening affordable and fun. The Pleated Planters line is made from 100% recycled rot-proof PET plastic felt that is folded and mounted on waterproof plastic boards. The pleated felt distributes water evenly, which allows soil to breathe so plants can thrive.

Potting Shed Creations Ltd.
The tree species in the Bonsai Specimen Kit collection were carefully chosen for their beauty and fast growth rate. The kit includes tree seed, organic growing medium, bonsai scissors, directions, and recycled US steel grow box. Available in Gardenia (pictured), Japanese Black Pine and Japanese Elm.

Primera Technology Inc.
The LX900 Color Label Printer produces full-color, high-resolution labels and tags on demand. Primera’s fastest-ever inkjet color label printer produces labels up to 4½ in. per second. Separate ink cartridges keep costs low since only one color at a time needs to be replaced. Compatible with Mac and Windows.

Proven Winners
In the Charmed Oxalis series, there are three varieties: Charmed Jade, Charmed Velvet and Charmed Wine. The shamrock-shaped leaves and petite, blushed-white flowers thrive best in partial to full shade outdoor locations. Jade (back) has striking green leaves with a silver sheen and Wine (front) has bright, velvety-wine leaves.

Summit Chemical Company

Summit Year-Round Spray Oil is an eco-friendly, all-season horticultural oil that kills aphids, scale, whiteflies, spider mites, mealybugs, thrips and other insects. It quickly decomposes and has no odor. Use on trees, shrubs, roses, flowers, houseplants and vegetables. Approved for organic production.

Suntory Flowers Ltd.
Temari Patio Verbenas have a unique upright growth habit, strong resistance to mildew, and vigorous central branching. Temari Patio Verbenas produce large, vibrant flower clusters from spring through fall. These verbenas are great in combination with trailing annuals in the landscape, large patio pots and window boxes.

The Gardener’s Hollow Leg
Gardener’s Hollow Leg is the perfect partner for pruning, weeding and harvesting. This 23-in. hands-free fabric sack is attached to an adjustable belt. It features a 10-in. diameter opening that can hold more than 5 gal., and a pocket for storing a cell phone or other necessities.

Toland Home Garden
The Solar Art Glass Bell is a stylish, solar-charged LED landscape accessory that softly illuminates gardens, potted plants and walkways. The solar panel absorbs the sun’s natural energy. As the sun sets the light turns on automatically and radiates into the night. Requires no wiring.

Walters Gardens Inc.
A sport of Pineapple Upsidedown Cake, Pineapple Punch is a knockout new hosta available exclusively through Walters Gardens. Pineapple Punch forms a showy mound of extremely rippled, long, narrow leaves with a gold margin and dark green center with lavender flowers.