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Consumer Benefits of Social Media

Meghan Boyer
Article ImageMore consumers are finding positive benefits from their experiences with social media and taking away positive suggestions from their online activities. In fact, two in five Americans have received a good suggestion for something to try as a result of social media use, according to a recent Harris Interactive poll. Businesses and brands with social media presence can be among those who provide positive suggestions and experiences to consumers online.

A majority of U.S. adults, 65%, are using social media, but adoption is not consistent across the board. Rather, young Americans claim positive benefits as a result of social media use more often than older adults. A majority of those 18 to 33 years, 59%, say they have received a positive suggestion for something to try from social media activity. This is compared to 44% of those 34 to 45, 34% of those 46 to 64 and just 19% of those 65 years and older. GP