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Winter Wonderland

Jennifer Polanz
Article ImagePorch pot sales used to peak during the three-week window between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Today, consumers want more out of their pots and Shannon Kuhrt at M&M Wintergreens gave us some tips for boosting winter décor sales and keeping porch pots refreshed during the coldest months of the year.

  • Start with neutral greens and browns and encourage customers to add elements that can be changed out each month through the winter—for example, accessories in greens, reds and golds for Christmas, golds, blacks and silvers for New Year’s, cardinal red, aqua blues and white birch for January and pinks and purples for Valentine’s Day.
  • Conduct workshops for families to design their own porch pots and provide a lineup of accessories á la your favorite frozen yogurt joint. The greenery is the yogurt and the pics, bows and accessories are the toppings!
  • Challenge your staff to create fabulous porch pot arrangements and display them to inspire your customers. Pin them on Pinterest, post them to Instagram and share them on Facebook. 
  • Make it easy with kits from M&M Wintergreens. They have two kits that can be assembled for quick sales or retailers can assemble one as a display and merchandise the components of the kit around it so customers can have the fun of assembling it themselves. The kits are called Deluxe Berries n Branches and Wintergreens Porch Pot Décor Kit. GP
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