The Goods

Adriana Heikkila

Abbott-Ipco Inc.

Caladium Radiance is a fancy leaf introduction with a better pot habit and brighter color than Rosebud or Summer Rose, but similar to Party Punch. Radiance is a reliable producer with popular pattern and often produces shiny leaves. For more information, email

Back to the Roots
Your customers can grow delicious organic oyster mushrooms right out of the box in three easy steps—open, water and harvest. This certified organic Mushroom Mini Farm yields up to 1.5 lbs. in 7 to 10 days from 100% recycled materials including saw dust, corn cobs, soy husks and wheat bran.

Ball FloraPlant
Extend your selling season with heat-loving, long-lasting accent plants like new Little Zin Hibiscus. It’s naturally compact and holds its shape. Little Zin is an eye-catching burgundy color and mixes well in summer containers or in your border plantings.

BioSafe Systems LLC

BioSafe Disease Control works on contact to stop powdery mildew, botrytis, late blight, black spot and more. As an organic, biodegradable fungicide and bactericide with no copper or other harsh chemicals, BioSafe Disease Control leaves behind no harmful residue and can be used to treat plants, including edibles, the same day they’ll be picked.

Botanical Interests Inc.
To support monarch butterflies, Botanical Interests’ Butterfly Garden Seed Collection offers three regional butterfly collections—Eastern Breeze, Midwestern Flutter and Western Glide—that attract butterflies and other pollinators to the home garden, while promising a spectacular show of colors, heights and blooms.

Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm
Petunia Cascadias Pitaya stays in bloom all season long with gorgeous vibrant pink flowers rimmed in lime green. It features a spreading-to-mounded plant habit and stands up well to unfavorable weather conditions. Makes a great display in hanging baskets, pots and gardens.

Department 56

The Enchanted Garden wouldn’t exist without help from the tiniest creatures of the kingdom—the fairies. Each stone resin fairy has a story to tell. There are 13 available Enchanted Guardians Fairies ranging in size.
Dramm Corporation

One Touch Rain Wand gives you complete and total water flow control with just one touch of your thumb. Efficiently saves time and water while watering plants, flowers and shrubbery. Available carded, uncarded and on mobile displays. 

Emerald Coast Growers LLC
Pennisetum Noble, new to the Royal Collection, boasts upright, dark, impressive blades so deep purple they look black. With thinner and darker leaves than much of the collection, Noble boasts a 6-ft. height in a rounded clumping habit. Full sun to partial sun. USDA Zones 8 to 11.

Entryways USA

’Tis the season to start thinking of the holidays. Entryways’ uniquely designed doormats are sure to brighten up any home during the coming season. These artist-designed doormats are made of all-natural coconut fiber.

Garden Decor Accents
Grace your garden with the charming powers of this sweet flower fairy. The Enchanting Fairy Garden Statue is eye-catching, finished to look like burnished bronze and will be a delight to behold as the garden blooms around her. 17 in. by 9 in. by 17 in. high.

Home Bazaar Inc.
The Chicken Coop Birdfeeder is a fully functional, whimsical birdfeeder. Easy to fill, with a 3-lb. seed capacity and features a durable nylon cord for hanging. The seed ports are located under the barn doors. Constructed of exterior grade plywood.

Hort Couture Plants

Lewisia Jewels is a great addition to the Spring Bling program. It has flat rosettes of green leaves and performs the best in partial shade. It’s great to use for some added bling in early spring. Unique to lewisia, it will bloom the first season and is a hardy perennial. Zones 3 to 8.

Live Trends Design Group LLC
The Fusion Block from LiveTrends is a new eclectic mix of wood, steel and live plants that make a unique decor item. Made from a solid piece of wood, it’s upscale, powerful and can fit nicely to any style.

Nature Hills Nursery Inc.
Grow fresh limes and fresh lemons! The Lemon and Lime Tree “2n1” is two fruit trees planted in the same 3-gal. container. A dwarf Meyer Lemon tree and a dwarf Bearss Lime tree are paired together in a space-saving combination. These two varieties are slow growing and easily kept pruned to form a beautiful multi-trunk tree.

Netherland Bulb Company

Astilbe Younique Ruby Red (False Spirea) has clumps of fern-like foliage with upright, plume-like flower stalks. Ruby Red is shorter and features more floriferous, compact astilbe characteristics of the Younique Astilbe series. Ideal for suitable for containers and great for borders.

Revolution Design House
Walnut Gobi Sandbox XL is a tabletop oasis made from solid American walnut. This statement planter not only provides ample planting room with a 9-in. diameter, but the modern aesthetic is sure to please. Comes with stainless steel planting insert.

Schubert Nursery Inc.
Green has never looked better than it does on these Lemon Cypress Single, Double and Triple Topiaries. Carefully hand trimmed into single, double and triple ball forms, these startlingly chartreuse beauties brighten up the patio, porch or poolside. Even better, they’re available year-round.

St. Lynn’s Press

“Garden-pedia: An A-to-Z Guide to Gardening Terms” is destined to be the reference of choice for gardeners everywhere. Authors Pamela Bennett and Maria Zampini give the reader 220 of the most common terms you’ll encounter, presented with entertaining sidebars, tips and color photos throughout.

Stretch-Tie Inc.  
Stretch-Tie is a plant support system that will expand as the plant grows. This enables plants to grow without being “girdled.” Stretch-Tie fastens quickly, much like a common twist-tie. Great for tomatoes, vines, trellises, trees, grapes, hops and more. Degradable and made in the USA.

Suntory Flowers Ltd.
Brighten up your pink poinsettia assortment. Princettia Euphorbias from Suntory Flowers are the most vibrant pinks on the market. And Max White is the whitest white. Compact plants offer excellent branching and heat tolerance. Perfect for breast cancer awareness promotions.

The Conard-Pyle Co.

Three new colors: Blue (pictured), Light Pink and Ruby join the popular Rock Candy Penstemon series. Flowers appear in late spring and re-bloom later in the season from a trim. Compact plants with good basal branching don’t require vernalization. Five sweet colors to choose from.

The Living Seed Company
The Micro Garden is the perfect solution and is the ideal varieties for balconies, window boxes and other tiny spaces. The collection includes the following seven heirloom varieties: Moskvich Tomato, Genovese Basil, Merveille des Quatre Saisons Lettuce, Bull's Blood Beet, Chantenay Carrot, Bloomsdale Spinach and Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash, plus a garden space utilization plan.

Venntis Technologies LLC

Whether growing year-round greens, tomatoes or herbs, or simply keeping house plants beautiful, TotalGrow Broad Spectrum Grow Light is a uniquely broad spectrum of LED light that will delight plants and customers alike. Simply screw the highly efficient, effective, long-lasting and safe light bulbs into any standard fixture socket. GP