Container Series: Fall Favorites

Laura LeBoutillier
Fall container planting is where creativity can be expressed wildly and all the pesky container planting rules can be tossed! Plants that wouldn't thrive with one another through the summer months can now live together happily. With the temperatures cooling down and the daylength shortening, you can blur the lines on light requirements—those plants that usually require more shade can come out and bask in more light. It’s also a great time to really do it up with fall décor and as many plants as will fit in the container because the plants’ growth rates dramatically decrease (or completely stops) when the weather cools, so they don’t need near the amount of room to grow. Pack ’em in and enjoy a stunning container from day one. It’s also fun to branch away from the typical pansies, cabbage and kale, using annuals and perennials that will perform every bit as good as the classics, but will give your fall containers a unique look! This container works best in part to full sun.

1 Large container (I think this one had a 20- to 24-in. opening)
All-purpose potting soil
1 artificial pumpkin

1 Ruby Ribbons Panicum
1 Autumn Frost Hosta
1 Goldilocks Rocks Bidens
1 Bowles Cunningham Vinca
1 Qis Red Globe Amaranth

The Ruby Ribbons Panicum, Autumn Frost Hosta and Bowles Cunningham Vinca are perennials and can be planted out in the landscape after using in the container. If you use an artificial pumpkin (like I did in this arrangement), you can clean it up and store it to reuse next year! GP 

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