Making Bloomin’ Easy Even Easier

Jennifer Polanz
Founded by Van Belle Nursery, Inc., the Bloomin’ Easy brand of young plants now has a new website: The brand offers improved varieties for time-strapped homeowners, and the new website features a modern and stylish look with rich photography and videos. It’s responsive to access via smartphones and there’s a new blog to add to the consumer experience that promises three steps to success: plant, water and relax.

“A quality website is as important to the brand’s image as ever before,” says Kevin Cramer, marketing manager at Van Belle Nursery. “Our redesign provides Bloomin’ Easy consumers a great experience on any device and conveys the top quality of each plant in our collection.”

Brand Manager DeVonne Friesen notes a number of industry-leading nurseries have signed on as licensees and will begin propagating exclusive varieties.

“We will have our core licensee partners in place and the number of plants shipped into the marketplace will continue to grow at a rapid pace. The new website reassures Bloomin’ Easy partners that we’re marketing the brand as well.” DeVonne says. GP