Spicing Up Spring

Laura LeBoutillier
Spring containers don’t need to be complicated or wildly colorful—most of us are happy to just be seeing something alive and green! I like to incorporate annuals, perennials and succulents together to give arrangements textural and color interest, plus the added benefit of new plants for the landscape when I clean them out later to ready them for summer plants.

The best part about this grouping of plants is they’re all tough and cold hardy and can manage the outdoor temps earlier than most other annuals, making it the perfect early gardening project. Even though we normally group these plants in vastly different categories in terms of light and water requirements, they’ll actually thrive happily together through the mild spring weather, and then the perennial helleborus and sedums can be transplanted into the appropriate spots in the garden. Add a few curly willow branches or a bird’s nest with a couple eggs to make it feel even more like spring!

Part to Full Sun

Large Container:
  • 1 Ice Breakers Helleborus
  • 3 Frizzle Sizzle Raspberry/Frizzle Sizzle Blue Pansies
  • 1 Angelina Sedum
Small Container:
  • 1 Merlin Helleborus
  • 2 to 3 Soft Yellow Pansies
  • 2 Angelina Sedum

2 Containers (Braun Horticulture Homestead Collection Combo Bowls in size large and medium)
All Purpose Potting Soil

There are a couple wonderful perennials included in this arrangement. The helleborus can be transplanted to a shade to part-shade spot, and the Angelina Sedum is a sun-loving perennial that would love a well-drained spot in the garden. GP

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