Garden Answer Tops 2M Followers

Jennifer Polanz
It’s pretty difficult to collect 2 million of anything, but the dynamic duo at Garden Answer (Laura and Aaron LeBoutillier) have amassed 2 million followers on Facebook with their fun and down-to-earth approach to how-to gardening videos.
Proven Winners began partnering with Garden Answer last year and those impressions continue to drive traffic for the plant brand, which often provides plant material for Laura’s creative designs.
“Garden Answer helped Proven Winners reach a younger audience—and this is known by specific follower comments shared via social media, as well as a host of analytics offered by social media platforms,” the folks at Proven Winners write in a release celebrating the milestone. “Many are first-time gardeners who have questions, need reassurance and video helps them visualize how each plant will look in specific locations in their garden.”
Garden Answer also has nearly 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, and more than 176 million video views on YouTube and Facebook in 2016. Because of the extensive exposure they’re providing, Proven Winners is including two pages featuring Laura in the 2018 Gardener’s Idea Book and they’ll partner on 200 videos in the next 12 months, including ones on the National Plant of the Year varieties and recipes. GP