Behold, the Power of Printing

Ellen C. Wells
In July we visited Wilson’s Garden Center in Newark, Ohio, one of three stops on Cultivate’17’s Garden Retail Tour. To say Wilson’s has nice signs is an understatement. The nearly 60-year-old family operation uses its large-format printer to produce informational and sale signage quickly and easily—and with beautiful results. Long on petunias? Sell ’em with signage. Need to tell customers where the potting soil is located? Signage! The signs Wilson’s creates can give folks lots of information when staff are otherwise engaged.
What can signs help do?

Give Reasons to Use Plants

Customers are encouraged to search for all the signs throughout the store that give reasons “Why Plants?” It’s a nice way to give folks important facts, and it’s a way to keep the kids engaged.

Create a New Hobby

We know succulents are cool, but signage tells customers why: drought tolerance, easy care, fun shapes—and something to love! Customers may start with simple pre-planted gift succulents and move on to building their own creations.

Pass Along Disease Information

Not everyone knows about Impatiens Downy Mildew. These signs help customers spot the symptoms of IDM, and also give them suggestions for alternatives.

Tell What to Watch For

Prime next year’s sales with a little heads up on what’s hot for 2018.

Gently Warn

Way better than black-and-yellow warning tape!

Provide Estimates

Not only does this sign answer the constant “How many bags will I need?” question, but it has already done the hard work (math!) for you and your customer!

Give Reasons for Gifting

This could be the best sign yet: “Just Because!” GP