And the Perennial Plant of the Year 2018 Is …

Jennifer Polanz

Allium Millenium takes the honor for 2018 from the Perennial Plant Association. Calling it the “workhorse of the summer garden,” Millenium was introduced through Plants Delight Nursery in 2000 and was selected for late flowering with masses of rose-purple blooms, uniform habit with neat shiny green foliage that remains attractive all season long, as well as for its drought-resistant constitution, according to the PPA.

Millenium (note the spelling, only one ‘n’) grows best in full sun, sending up clumps of grass-like green leaves before showing off florets that last as long as four weeks. Deer and rabbits avoid Millenium, but butterflies flock to it. Hardy to Zones 3 to 9. PPA members will have access to photos and other point-of-purchase materials to help promote the PPA Plant of the Year. GP