The Sun Gro/Proven Winners Partnership

Ellen C. Wells

Sun Gro Horticulture and Proven Winners announced earlier this month that they’ve formed a new sales and distribution network. Effective immediately, Sun Gro will “produce, sell and distribute” Proven Winners-branded potting soils, water-soluble plant food and controlled-release plant food. These products will be available to garden centers from many different stocking distributors.

The astute Chris Beytes asked the $64,000 question: Hadn’t Sun Gro already been doing this? Yes, they had been, kinda-sorta, was the answer he had received from the folks at Proven Winners. Sun Gro has always produced the products, but they were a bit difficult for customers to find. The selling and distributing has now been made more efficient and effective for garden retailers. With a full complement of stocking distributors, it’s now a lot easier for customers to find the Proven Winners potting soils and plant foods locally.

Initial IGC warehouse sales will be concentrated through four distribution partners: Arett Sales, BFG Supply Company, Griffin Greenhouse Supplies and Foster’s Inc. You can also continue to purchase these products from Four Star Greenhouse and Pleasant View Gardens. At this time, these items are only available in the United States. GP