Earth Alive Enters U.S. Market

Jennifer Polanz

Canada-based Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc., is entering the U.S. market to sell its Soil Activator product to consumers. The bacterial soil amendment is the first product the company is introducing to U.S. consumers, but it’s been developing and distributing soil enhancers like earthworm castings, liquid seaweed and fish emulsion in Canada since 2005.

“Our company develops innovative products that harness the power of microorganisms to improve productivity and protect the environment,” says Earth’s Alive CEO Michael Warren. “We are committed to organics and to the environment.”

Soil Activator comes in 2.2-lb. and 15-oz. bags, as well as 1.76-oz. packets for add-ons at check-out or in eco-friendly end cap displays. Commercial sizes also are available for larger operations. GP