Bower & Branch Buys Plantfast

Ellen C. Wells

Bower & Branch acquired a mobile commerce company in mid-May and not just any mobile commerce company, either. This one, called Plantfast, was founded by Jon Ewing, a veteran of the nursery and landscape trade known for creating innovations that propel the industry forward. And Bower & Branch gets to keep that innovative mind on hand, too; Jon will be joining the company’s advisory board.

So how will this acquisition be incorporated into Bower & Branch’s strategic vision? While Bower & Branch’s website is mobile responsive, mobile is about to become vital in the near future. This acquisition allows the company to develop and implement a virtual location that allows customers to shop the way they shop today—on their terms, when and where they want—while also allowing for that all-important interaction with retailers’ physical locations.

“We are meeting the market shift with an innovative business model that puts the customer at the center of the transaction,” said Bower & Branch CEO Sid Raisch in a press release. “For the industry to gain new customers, expand sales and attract new employees in an increasingly competitive market, it must keep pace with other industries.” GP