Melons Are AAS Winners

Ellen C. Wells

What’s more summery than eating melon at a picnic? To help your customers prepare for that experience, All-America Selections has chosen two melon varieties for their first crop of 2019 AAS Winners. Those winners are:
Melon Orange SilverWave (Regional Winner for Northeast and Southeast). Bred by Asia Seed Co., Orange SilverWave is an extremely sweet, orange-fleshed variety with a funky striped rind. The fruits are about 5-in. ovals with about six of them coming on each vine. It’s a vigorous plant, so should be trellised to help with disease control.
Watermelon Cal Sweet Bush (Regional Winner for Great Lakes). A short-internode variety, Cal Sweet Bush is composed of compact, bushy vines that grow only 14 to 18 in. Each plant produces two to three fruits weighing 10 to 12 lbs. It’s a great variety for small-space gardens or containers. Bred by Seeds By Design and Enza Zaden.  
AAS also just released its 2017-2018 Annual Report, which highlights the continuing financial health of the organization, a new ambassador program, social media successes, an update on sister organization National Gardening Bureau and new AAS winners.

Visit to see new winners and to download the full report. GP