Star Roses’ Winners

Jennifer Polanz
Star Roses and Plants recently won seven out of 11 awards from The American Rose Trials for Sustainability (ARTS) program. The program identifies the most sustainable, hardy, pest-resistant and beautiful rose cultivars for use in American landscapes and gardens.
Eleven roses earned ARTS awards for 2019; eight were ARTS Master Rose awards and three were ARTS Local Artist awards. For each region in which a trial rose meets the performance threshold, it earns an ARTS Local Artist award. If a rose earns a Local Artist award in four or more regions, it’s designated as an ARTS Master Rose. Star Roses and Plants won four Master Rose awards and three Local Artist awards.
Master Rose Winners: Blushing Knock Out Rose, Double Knock Out Rose (pictured), Pink Double Knock Out Rose and Pink Knock Out Rose
Local Artist Winners: Bubble Double, Peppermint Pop and Limoncello
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