Finding the Fun for Families

Jennifer Polanz
In a continued quest for “edu-tainment” opportunities, there’s now a series of “Spookley” messaging and products to go with a popular kids Halloween show that airs every October on the Disney Channel called “Spookley the Square Pumpkin.” Evergreen Creations has the agritainment license for Spookley and has an online toolkit, signage and marketing collateral available, as well as products like plush toys, books, T-shirts and DVDs.  
Because the story is all about how other pumpkins pick on Spookley because he’s square and not round, Spookley also is the official spokes-pumpkin for the National Bullying Prevention Month in October. And, coincidentally, 2019 also is the National Gardening Association’s Year of the Pumpkin, so there’s another tie-in for the square pumpkin. Visit to learn more. GP