Caladium Combos for Every Season

Robin Heath

There are so many ways to use caladiums besides just planting them in your flower bed. Unbeknownst to most people, caladiums can also be used in container combos or cut flower arrangements. What are some of the key benefits to caladiums?

•  Based on variety, they can be used in shade combos or in sun combos (for those who like to have the same pot on each side of their entrance, but one side is shade and the other is sun, the sun varieties thrive in both places and will look just as beautiful as the other).

•  Caladiums are low maintenance (no cutting back, very few pest or disease issues).

•  They’re compatible, but not invasive (i.e. it stands its ground, but doesn’t take over the pot).

•  Depending on the variety, it can perform as a thriller, filler or spiller (there’s always a way to work in a caladium).

•  More than 60 new varieties have been added to the line over the past 10 years in order to expand on its usefulness.

•  Today’s caladiums now have showy foliage, add unique texture (patterns) and height to any arrangement.

•  The compact (straps) varieties are excellent choices for window boxes and hanging baskets.

•  Caladiums are very heat tolerant.

•  Caladiums can be planted with just about anything! Add them with herbs, annuals, perennials and some varieties would even work in a fairy garden.

Just to show their adaptability, we have examples of containers and cut arrangements for every season. GP

Robin Heath is a Grower/ Buyer with Classic Caladiums. She can be reached by email at rheath@classiccaladiumsllc.com.

Spring Combos
Left: VaVa Violet Caladium with purple fountain grass, Persian Shield, celosia and scaevola. Great for sun or shade.
Right: Allure Caladium with bidens and lobelia. Great for part sun to full shade.

Summer Fun
Left: Burning Heart Caladium with Ixora standard, Persian Shield, melampodium, New Guinea impatiens and cuphea. Great for full sun.
Right: Desert Sunset Caladium with cross wire vine and Dragon Wing Begonia. Great for full sun.

Fall Foliage
Left: Creamsickle Caladium with sweet potato vine, lobelia and New Guinea impatiens. Great for shade.
Right: Lemon Blush Caladium with Kona Coffee Colocasia, Creeping Jenny and New Guinea impatiens. Great for full sun or full shade.

Holiday Arrangements
Left: White Star Caladium with stargazers and cranberries.
Right: Heart and Soul Caladium with pink roses, pink carnations and white hydrangeas.