GCA’s Heading to Nashville in ’19

Ellen C. Wells

We just got word that next summer’s GCA Summer Tour is headed to Nashville, Tennessee. The tour, set for June 23-29, is still in its infancy, planning-wise, but GCA Executive Director Jeff Morey said the hotel (still TBD) will be right downtown in the music district.

More formally, (i.e., in a press release) Jeff says that Nashville comes up frequently as a suggested destination by previous tour attendees.

“The soaring housing market in the city and its surrounding areas has made Nashville a vital center of IGC innovation, especially as it relates to younger consumers,” he wrote. With younger consumers poised to become a big influence on how IGCs develop in the next few years, it’ll be good for folks to get on that bus and see that change happening at garden retail in person.

Way more information about the tour, its visits and hotel will be coming in the next few months. Stay tuned! GP